December Favourites

We’ve been busy discovering our favourites this December and are ready to sing their praises. When we really like something, you can trust that our opinion has come from vetting it against everything we’ve seen before. It’s a big beauty playground out there and we’ll gladly do the dirty work to test everything under the sun. These products are Source Beauty’s top picks that will take you smoothly into December. 


Noon, Balancing Hormones Oil

This oil is energised with prana vital energy to bring life back to your skin, we love it because it helps soothe PMS symptoms around that time of the month. By using balancing hormones oil, our hormonal acne is kept to a minimum, and maybe it’s just what your sacral chakra needed all month long. Apply 2 drops on sacral chakra (below the navel), solar plexus chakra (between ribs) and on soles of feet and then rub gently anti-clockwise, then apply again after 15 minutes  on sacral chakra only and rub clockwise. Feel your body re-balancing itself in every way, this is the self-care product you never knew you needed until you tried it.

Saskia, Rose, Musk and Cedarwood Emollient Butter

For the skin that needs extra winter care, this is our favourite, the rose oil is an amazing natural remedy for acne and other bacterial skin infections. In addition, it can also help improve the permeability of the skin, and make it healthier, thereby more likely to fight hives and other skin conditions that come up in cold weather. Cedarwood oil is beneficial for other skin conditions like reducing the appearance of scars and soothe symptoms of eczema. 

Essentials, Eye Tint in Bronze

Multi-use makeup is a favourite amongst the Source Beauty team, and we love this shade of bronze to glam up your makeup effortlessly the beauty of this natural eye tint is that you can also use it on the cheekbones to highlight or dab it into your lipstick to accentuate your nude colour too.  

Gizmo, Tea Tree Peppermint Oil 

Another duo, this oil helps your skin and hair. Peppermint oil packs in cooling properties and can help calm down skin irritation, inflammation, redness and itching. Yet it is also a great hair oil to treat the scalp of dandruff and boost hair growth. Tea tree oil has many applications when it comes to skincare, and haircare it helps to treat dandruff also along with skin conditions like acne and hives.


Wow, Dream Coat, Anti Humidity Hair Treatment 

If silky hair sounds unattainable and like a far-fetched dream, well then you have not tried the Wow. Packed with super textile technology, covers each hair strand with an invisible waterproofing cloak. Wow uses a groundbreaking, heat-activated polymer technology that is lighter than a feather so your hair won’t feel weighed down or greasy, the effects even last up to 3 shampoos. 

Nars, Liquid Bronzer in Laguna

Blendable and weightless this bronzer is a must for winter. Dabbing this shade on bare skin or over your makeup gives you that healthy just stepped out of the sun healthy glow. For a golden hour look all day long, you should blend this bronzer over the top of the cheeks, forehead and tip of the nose for a dewy look that works day or night.  

Dr. Dennis Gross, Alpha Beta Glow Pad 

A streak-free, natural-looking glow that builds gradually with within 3-4 hours. This keeps you feeling fresh off the beach tan all throughout winter. Apply to face, neck and décolleté in circular motions, blending evenly. Just remember to wash your hands immediately after use so they don’t discolour. Using these pads daily helps to achieve your desired colour.

Kate Somerville, Retinol and Vitamin C Moisturiser 

This 3-in-1 rich moisturizing cream firms brightens and nourishes skin to visibly improve texture, tone, and the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Added plant extracts and antioxidants help soothe skin and neutralize free radicals such as pollution and toxins that can cause premature ageing. Using this rich and creamy moisturiser at night helps to plump your skin and smells great too. 

Herbivore, Orchid Facial Oil

Best for those with dry skin, this facial oil boosts moisture and absorbs fast to treat dryness and dull skin along with protecting skin from premature aging. This compact pretty packaging also helps when you need a night-time facial oil on the go to give your skin a radiant glow. 


  Image Credit: Pinterest

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