A Food Journey by Nadine

I have a good relationship with food. Me and food are friends. Obviously eating is fun, but I also love learning about nutrition, developing recipes, cooking, baking, taking pictures of food…I love food so much I even started a food business. Yes, I did. It’s called Baked and was founded in 2013. We make a range of products but specialise in making healthy desserts, using all-natural ingredients that are actually good for you. 

So, I make healthy food for a living, but I’m no angel when it comes to what I choose to eat. I know what I should be eating, but sometimes a big bowl of pasta the size of my head smothered in melted cheese is just what I need at that specific moment. I’ve learnt to give in to these moments and enjoy them, and equally, as important, I’ve learnt when to put these cravings to bed. I’ve learnt that denying myself these indulgences makes me feel trapped and that ultimately makes me miserable. I understand that organic doesn’t always mean organic, scales & calories are the enemy and that just because a really popular documentary says never to eat meat again I should probably do some research on my own. I’ve learnt that great packaging and marketing can be deceiving and reading labels and being an informed consumer is so very important. 

And finally, I’ve learnt that when you have a good relationship with food, even when you limit your choices you can make something delicious out of it. So this is me learning about food, health and myself; trying very hard to feel good on the inside and hoping it shows on the outside. 

We’re all just trying to balance, aren’t we? 

Till next time,

Nadine (Founder of Baked)

Instagram: @_stillcurious_

Email: Nadine@bakedinegypt.com

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