4 Ways To Help Ease Anxiety

Feeling anxious? Can’t get out of bed?  We all get days and times where anxiety can disrupt us from achieving our goals or even day-to-day tasks. Anxiety is a feeling of unease such as worry and fear, that can be mild or severe. Almost everyone deals with anxiety at some point in their lives. If you are one of those people and know the feeling so well, not to worry we have four tips to help put your anxiety to rest.

1.  Spend Time with Animals

Take a time-out to have cuddle sessions with your pets whether it’s your cat or dog or even volunteering in an animal shelter, spending time with animals is good for the soul. Pets are known to bring happiness and positivity in your life.

2. Exercising

It has always been a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. A good work out can improve your concentration, focus and is great for your mental wellbeing as it calms the mind. After exercising, a  relaxing bath can also help with ensuring that peace of mind. Areej Aromatherapy, Serenity is perfect for that. This heaven in a bottle goes hand in hand with exercising, add a few drops of this in your bath water or on your skin and you are good to go.

3. Time Management Strategies

Some people feel anxious when they have too many commitments all at once. This is why time management is key. Family, work, and friends are all important but when it comes down to handling it all at once it can get rather overwhelming. Not to fear, book based planners and online calendars are invented for those types of situations as it resits the urge for you to multi-task. Organising and planning your day won’t lead you to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Why not try Bullet Journaling.

4. Anxiety Reducing Hobbies

Whether it’s devoting time to practising yoga or learning to drawl, there are plenty of positive ways to take a break, de-stress, and potentially relieve feelings of anxiousness. Puzzling, gardening, drawing, reading, and working on crossword puzzles are all positive outlooks in doing so. This is not necessarily going to take your anxiety away but it will help calm and control a better mindset. It is all about finding the right distractions. Osana Family Wellness is the perfect place.    

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