5 Best Body Washes

There’s quite literally no better feeling than taking a shower and feeling refreshed, cleansed, and hydrated right after. Naturally, showers have the ability to boost your boost and wash away the stresses of the day. With that being said, there’s no reason you shouldn’t indulge yourself and really take care of your body with a fantastic body wash. A body was used with a loofah or sponge will not only exfoliate your skin but will leave it clean and fresh. Check out some of our favourite body washes below.

NOON, Lavender Mint Body Wash

There’s no better way to moisturise and hydrate your skin, than with a body wash that’s formulated with natural oils. This one from NOON, has been created with lavender and peppermint essential oil, working together to soothe and revitalise your skin. 

Areej Aromatherapy, Cozy Lavender Shower Gel

This body wash works wonderfully to nourish and hydrate the skin. It’s delicately scented with lavender, which gently adheres and absorbs into your body. It comes in 5 other beautiful scents, ensuring everyone can find their favourite one. 

Saskia, Meditation in the Forest Shower Gel

Infused with Cedarwood and geranium essential oils, this shower gel not only will deeply cleanse and moisturize your skin but will have you smelling fresh all day long. It’s a great go-to that will greatly enhance your shower experience. 

Gourmet, Amber Caress Shower Gel

There’s nothing better than knowing you have a product you could always rely on to do its job. Formulated with a blend of ingredients including aloe vera, this shower gel works to absorb and preserve moisture and will keep your skin wonderfully cleansed and hydrated.

Soul & More, Mango Papaya Shower Gel

This shower gel is ideal for feeling refreshed and replenished. This fruitfully scented wash works to gently cleanse and moisturise your body. Coming in 5 other scents, this should definitely be a staple in your shower. 


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