5 Best Self Tanners

Are you tired of sitting for two hours in the sun waiting for that golden tan to kick-in?  Our self-tanners are set and ready! Summer is all about having fun in the sun whilst getting that golden tan that is desired by many and with our incredible beaches here in Egypt, you will for sure get that radiant glow. Here is our selection of must-have self-tanners that will surely do the trick.  

Essentials, Bronze Body Shine in Honey Bronze

This product is a game-changer! It provides you with a healthy, glowing self-tanner that will protect your skin against harmful UV rays. The ingredients that are infused into this product are out of this world; it contains a rich shimmery oil that helps up game your tanning and mineral oils which leaves you with full hydration that the skin needs. Leaving you with glowing and hydrating skin all day long. This product is great when applying quickly because it will instantly leave you with a velvety finish. Medium to dark skin tones are more suitable for this product. Essential got you covered with different varieties of skin tones that are best suitable for you Sunkissed and in  Diva Tan.

Caroline Beauty, Hawaiian Copper

loves a good quick self-tanner that will get you out the door fast and ready.. Caroline Beauty’s products have one of the best self-tanners out there. The Hawaiian Copper’s formula will leave you with a long-lasting beautiful tan that makes you glow all day long! The best way to use this lush oil is applying it in an upwards motion, making sure that you wait for about five to ten minutes  before getting dressed and voila, you are ready to conquer your summer.

Donna Natural, Shimmer il 

This is for my glow getters who love a good thirsty glow. Donna Natural, Shimmer Oil is an all natural hydration oil that you spritz on, which gives your skin the hydration that it needs. What\’s different about this product, is that it’s also infused with shimmers that will keep you shiny all day whilst getting your vitamin D essentials. This is also great in blurring any unwanted cellulite or stretch marks for a tropical glow. This lush product works great when applied several times until you get the desired  glow. As all self-tanners, wait a few minutes before getting dressed so the oils can fully lock on to your skin then you are set.

Loving Tan, Deluxe Bronzing Mouse  

This self-tanner is one of the most popular self-tanners that is in the market right now. The formula is an all-natural, mineral solution that contains a complex of blended rich lavish oils including argan oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil and avocado oil to moisturise and restore your skin’s hydration whilst keeping your skin soft and supple.

Dior, Bronze Beautifying Protective Oil In Mist Sublime Glow

The tan-perfecting effect of the Bronze Beautifying Protective Oil, gives the skin a sustainable sublime glow that is more intense, natural and long lasting. This instant self-tanner beautifies you with its rich texture that develops your tan by forming a non-greasy layer of silky long-lasting skin which creates a beautiful finish. No need to add your sunscreen, the Dior Bronze Oil Mist already has you covered with SPF 15.

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