Vitamin C is a wonder ingredient – and not just for fending off colds. Along with retinol, it is one of the few proven anti-ageing skincare ingredients (it encourages collagen production), can improve visible signs of sun damage and scarring, and helps defend skin against environmental damage caused by free radicals. It comes in lots of different forms in skincare, which can be confusing, but ascorbic acid is the one that has the most research backing its powers, so if in doubt, that\’s the one to look for.

Pixi, Vitamin C Toner

Pixi’s everyday facial toner will become your go-to for luminous healthy skin. This brand has recently created a vitamin C range of all sorts, cleansers, serums and mists. Toners are meant to create a smooth and vibrant complexion and this heaven in a bottle gives you just that. The best thing about this toner is that it contains not only vitamin C but also, ferulic acid as it removes dead skin cells for more radiance. This is Pixi perfect for your morning routine as some toners prohibit you from having contact with the sun, this product is a keeper.

Sensera Aromatherapy, Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner

This holy grail product is an ideal facial toner that will make your skin look and feel fantastic. The natural ingredients that are enriched with distilled water and you guessed it, vitamin C. Toners are meant to put back hydration that was taken away from washing your face, that is why sensera’s facial toner provides you with nourishing feels. You don’t want to miss out on this product.

Murad, Essential-C Toner

We all love a good, quick and easy application with Murad’s facial mist toner as we are constantly rushing out the door to get to our destination, mist sprays are your friend. What is unique about this product. It contains ingredients such as bitter orange flower and cornflower extract that helps with strengthening the skin\’s natural defence system while it gently hydrates at the same time.

From Molly With Love, Glow Juice Vitamin C AHA Toner

To have a toner that is enriched with ingredients that creates a beautiful natural glow and packed with vitamin C ‘s powerful essentials is all that this product will provide you. These ingredients are highly beneficial for our skin because they contain natural occurrence fruit acids such as orange, lemon, and cranberry extracts that are wrapped in a gentle base of organic aloe that fully hydrate with just one swipe of a cotton bud, over the face, neck, and chest. It is refreshing, light and cooling on the skin.

Fresh, Peony Brightening Moisturising Facial Toner

The Fresh brand has been known for its natural beauty products for many years as the silky-textured formula, works to brighten, hydrate and prepare the skin for your following serums and moisturiser. Not only does it contain vitamin C but it is infused with peony and liquorice root extractions for an even-toned complexion which gives you a smoother and luminous finish. This product will be your ride or die, no questions asked.

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