5 Christmas Candles

Set the ambience for the festive season with candles. Not only to fill your home with warming scents of joy but to give candles to the people you love the gift of a comforting aroma. Enjoy candles together to embrace the holiday season that fills a home with care. 

Amcandl, Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla Candle

Welcome a winter-inspired blend of cinnamon-spiced vanilla into your home and set the tone for joyful festivities to come. We are in love with this yummy scent and lucky for us it comes in two sizes! 

Areej, Lavender Candle 

The instant relaxation from this candle will have you blissfully relaxed this holiday season to truly unwind from the many events or stressful deadlines you had to endure at work. Be sure to add this intoxicating scent to your night-time self-care routine.

Roshan, Autumn Spice Candle 

This intoxicating autumn scent will have you with all the feels for filling your home with Christmas preparations, the fresh aroma of natural woodlands keeps your home cosy thanks to this aromatic candle.

Candle Connection, Black Suede

A delicious blend of creamy vanilla bean scent with hints of caramel gives you the sense that a Christmas cake is fresh out of the oven and the aroma is lingering throughout your home. We love this yummy candle, which makes it the perfect delicate scent to light up this season.

Candle Connection, Super Star

With an addictive blend of orchard and jojoba, brighten up any room with this uplifting colour of bright orange to instantly make your Christmas glow with this Source Beauty favourite, that’s long-lasting too.


Image Credit: Pinterest

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