5 Fenty Beauty Products Worth Buying

Fenty beauty was probably one of the most hyped makeup launches of 2017. Two years on and Rihanna’s beauty brand is still one of the most prominent figures within the industry. With every new drop, Fenty beauty has gained the praise and admiration of makeup lovers and beauty bloggers around the world. With that being said, the real question is are the products really worth all the hype, or is it just Rihanna’s celebrity that has all the people talking. We compiled 5 products from the Fenty Beauty range that, in our opinion, are 100% worth the hype. 

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

Available in no less than 50 shades, the Pro Filt’r concealer hides bags, dark circles and blemishes. The doe foot applicator is the perfect size and material for smooth blending. When fully blended, your face is left looking a lot brighter and flawless. 

Kilawatt Freestyle Highlighter

Highlighter has become a makeup essential. There’s no doubt that the brighter the shine the better. The Killawat highlighters make no excuses and will have you glowing from miles away. Available in bold, pigmented colours, the application is extremely smooth and trust us when we say a little goes a long way. Try experimenting and place some on your eyelids, temples, and collar bone. 


Whether or not your going for a dramatic cat eye or just a simple look, the flyliner will cover you. The felt tip applicator insures maximum control and intricacy. Plus the longevity of the eyeliner is undeniable, you’ll be sure to have a jet black cat eye all day no matter the circumstances. 

Gloss Bomb Universe Lip Luminizer

You wouldn’t be the only one to question whether or not a lip gloss could be flattering on all different types of skin tones. Rihanna definitely achieved the notion of an all inclusive makeup brand, and the Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer without a doubt lives up to its name. The consistency is thick and glittery and sticky in all the best ways possible. 

Body Lava 

Body makeup is rapidly becoming a huge trend, and there’s no better feeling when your skin glows. The body lava once again can give you a super dramatic glow or something a little more subtle, depending on how much you choose to build it up. It is not sticky and non transferable, making it the perfect body makeup to rub all over yourself before going out. The Rose Gold Body Lava, deserves honourable mention, the shade is perfect for all year round and will give you a beautiful glow.

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