5 Perfumes to wear this Winter

With the colder months approaching, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs changing. Finding a new perfume to suit the winter months is a great way to spice up your collection this season. Transitioning from summer’s bright, zesty, and floral scents to ones that are more woody and musky is a great route to take when searching for winter perfume. There are a number of perfumes that make great options for your winter switch, here are a few of our favourite ones. 

Gucci, Memoire D’Une Odeur

This fragrance not only has a beautifully vintage inspired bottle and packaging, but it subtly hints notes of chamomile, coral jasmine, and vanilla making it full and round and the perfect earthy perfume for the winter time. This perfume promises to last for about 10-12 hours, so it’s a great to transition from daytime to night.

Floral Street, Black Lotus Eau De Parfum

For people who thought floral scents could not work in the winter time, this perfume from Floral Street proves them wrong. With key ingredients of black cherry, red peppercorn, saffron, centifolia rose, and black leather, this scent is  much more powerful and oriental. Due to the scents strength, it can easily be overdone, so spray sparingly. 

Jo Malone, Rose and White Musk Absolu by Jo Malone

The new Absolu series from Jo Malone is inspired by senses of the heart. It’s meant to be an ode to the emotional and romantic feelings, with rose and white musk being the hero scents. Staying true to the Jo Malone brand, the perfume maintains to be light and airy, whilst having a lingering trail of scent. With a 12-14 hour longevity, this also is a great daily perfume for those colder months. 

Guerlain, Mon Guerlain ‘Intense’

This scent from Guerlain has bright and oriental yet floral top notes of lavender and mandarin. It has a great fruity scent but is followed with woody notes and Guerlain’s now signature scent of vanilla. It is a sophisticated feminine perfume that is perfect to transition from fall into winter. This perfume has a longevity of a little over 6 hours.

Lancome, Idole

This perfume is the most feminine a scent could get. With rose being the hero, it also has burst of jasmine, vanilla, citrus, and white musk. It’s perfect if you don’t like to wear perfumes that are too heavy or dark. It’s a bright and light perfume perfect for day or night. It has a longevity of over 8 hours, making it the perfect wearable fragrance for any occasion. 

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