Avoiding Post-Threading Breakouts

Whether they’re thick, thin, rounded or edged, eyebrows are what help define and frame your face and have a huge effect on the look you might be going for. If you’re into shaping your eyebrows or just lightly getting them done, threading is usually a great way to go. It’s quick, more gentle than other techniques and gives really precise results. The only downside to it, which surely many of us have experienced, is that it can cause your skin to break out in the areas surrounding your eyebrows. Threading pulls hair out from the follicle root and this allows for our pores to open. If the area is not clean, bacteria enters into the pore, clogs it and so breakouts occur. Because we still believe that threading is one of the best hair removal techniques, we did a little research and came across some helpful tips on how to avoid post-threading breakouts. No to breakouts, yes to snatched eyebrows!

1. Ice, Ice Baby 

Massage the threaded area with ice before and/or after to soothe any puffiness or redness. Ice will also help tighten the skin by constricting blood vessels and closing the pores, avoiding any bacteria from entering.

2. Can’t Touch This

Make sure your beautician does not place her hand or fingers on your face or the area around your eyebrows while threading. Moreover, steer clear of touching the threaded area yourself. This will prevent dust, dirt or bacteria from transferring to your pores through your fingers and consequently causing redness or rashes. 

3. SPF 

It is always best to avoid sun exposure after threading as your skin is usually very sensitive and vulnerable to damage caused by UV rays from the sun during this time. If needed, make sure you apply sunscreen before leaving, focusing on the affected areas. 

Source Beauty recommends this Sun Block Protection & Moisture SPF from Essentials which is formulated with highly effective UVA and UVB filters to keep your skin protected and hydrated while exposed to the sun.  

4. Makeup Free

Cosmetics, such as eyebrow pencils and eyeshadows, are a faux pas post-threading. You should wait a substantial amount of hours before applying makeup as it can easily clog your pores and contains chemicals that may be harmful to the affected area, especially artificially scented products. Stick to products that contain all-natural, skin-friendly ingredients. 

Source Beauty recommends Noon’s 100% natural makeup remover which will cleanse your skin, all the while moisturising it and giving it that glowing complexion. 

5. Rose Water

Pour rose water on a cotton pad and dab the threaded area, this will minimize redness and swelling. It has such a refreshing and relief-inducing effect on the skin and will prevent acne and breakouts from developing. Note: if your skin is sensitive to fragrant products, stick to ice instead.  

Source Beauty recommends the Rose Floral Water from Areej, which has a great cooling effect, will unclog your pores and retain moisture in your skin. 

6. Tame With Toner

Use a toner with witch hazel or salicylic acid. Catechol tannins in witch hazel reduces the size of pores and pushes out any dirt that might have made its way through. Salicylic acid not only breaks down the oil in the case of a clogged hair follicle, but helps kill any sort of bacteria. 

Source Beauty recommends Haven’s Cucumber Hydrating Face Toner which uses essential oils and witch hazel to cleanse excess dirt and hydrate the skin. 

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