Bikini Line Problems?

Bathing suit season means paying a little bit more attention to your bikini line. However, whether you’re planning to hit the beach or are just trying to keep up with all the beauty maintenance, keeping a smooth bikini line can seem like a big hassle. Since everyone has their own preference for hair removal, different problems can arise from woman to woman. Whether it be shaving, waxing, or laser, we’ve compiled some tips that provide solutions to commonly occurring problems after hair removal. 

Keep The Area Clean!

It is super important that we try to keep the area clean as much as possible. Wearing jeans or trousers that are tight around the area, tends to prevent our bikini line from having any sort of breathability throughout the day. That means that in the midst of summer when the temperatures peak at around 41 degrees, we have the tendency to sweat. The Kolagra, Bikini Whitening Wash, is a great product to introduce into your beauty routine. The wash helps maintain pH levels and is extremely gentle for a specifically sensitive part of the body. 

Ingrown Hairs 

Ingrown hairs tend to occur more for people who use waxing as their regular method of hair removal. This is primarily due to the fact that when you remove the hair from the root, it can tend to grow back in different angles and as a result get caught under the skin. A great way to alleviate ingrown hairs is through exfoliating. By removing dead skin, you’re left with smoother and softer skin allowing hairs to penetrate through far more easily. Since we’re dealing with a sensitive area opt for a scrub that is sugar based. The Essentials, Brown Sugar Body Scrub & Polish is a great option to reduce the presence of ingrown hairs.

Razor Burn & Bumps 

If shaving is your primary hair removal technique, you’re probably more susceptible to razor bumps and burn. There’s a few very simple things you can do to prevent these things from occurring. First things first, invest in a good razor, the five blade Venus, Swirl is the best razor for a close smooth shave. Before you shave you should soak the area in warm water, this allows the hair to be softer and as a result easier to cut. Also always use a shaving gel or cream. 


Discolouration is an extremely common occurrence, and there’s a number of reasons for why it happens. Whether it be from shaving, constant friction between the thighs, or even genetic there’s no reason we have to live with it. The Kolagra, Bikini Whitening Cream provides an easy solution to getting rid of any dark spots within the area. Rich in vitamin C, this product was made specifically with a gentle formula to brighten your bikini line and underarms. Try switching to 100% cotton underwear during warmer weather. Cotton underwear is a gentle, absorbent material that promotes skin breathability and prevents build up of odour. 

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