Eight Appointments To Book Now

I get it: You’re a busy bee. But should your beauty regimen suffer because of it? Whether you’re tried and run-down, experiencing skin issues or merely in need of some TLC, Source Beauty has rounded up Cairo’s very best beauty services for you to book right away.

For your health…

Nutritional coach Dr. Shady Labib, helps you build a healthy sustainable eating habit for life. He believes that all conventional dieting methods with their associated mindsets have repeatedly proven to fail. For him transformation lies in a real mindset to change from dieting to body, mind and soul nourishment.

Shady Labib, 6 Mohammed Galal Street, Heliopolis, 0109 385 3511

For your mindset…

Shereen Badawi provides natural alternatives and advice for a balanced lifestyle. She provides expert Homeopathy guidance to achieving healthy skin which often mirrors the health of the whole body. Skin problems are often caused due to internal health and reflect the overall wellbeing of a person. Which is where homeopathy being a holistic system of medicine addresses the whole problem and brings the body into better balance. It is very effective in treating various skin problems, such as acne, eczema, and rashes to name but a few.

Nun Center, 4 Shafeek Mansour, Zamalek, 0122 398 0898
Seeds Clinic, Polygon Sodic West, Sheikh Zayed, 0109 065 9999

For your face…

Down a quiet street, behind an inconspicuous door and up a steep staircase lies Anne-Marie’s Center – the home of arguably one of the best facials you’ll ever have.

Anne-Marie Skin Care Centrer, 12 Ahmed Bahaa El Deen Street, El Dokki, 0122 999 1999 or 0128 4411 144

For your hips and thighs…

Ask for Nadia at Cleoz Spa for the LPG Endermologie, which is a fast, targeted slimming and anti-aging treatment for problem areas in your hips, thighs, and buttocks. LPG is a no-pain treatment that can dramatically improve cellulite, saddlebags, loose sagging skin and localised fat.

Cleoz Spa, 1 Street 210, Digla, Maadi, 0114 715 1504

For your laser hair removal…

Tired of the constant battle with body hair? Just think no more shaving or waxing, with up to 90% permanent hair reduction. But patience is key here as Dr. Iman only recommends one session every four weeks to catch the hair in its correct stage of growth. The results are amazing.

CSA, 4 Road 21, Maadi, 0100 2508 170

For your hair…

Appropriately titled ‘Toi’, is really all about you. Toi Beauty Salon are renowned for its famed founder Kimi who has made the beauty salon the new go-to destination for hair colours and cuts, that’ll leave you feeling glamourous and fresh.

Toi Beauty Salon, 30 El Gezira El Wosta – Zamalek, 02 2737 7070

Mohamed Al Sagheer is the man behind transforming the hair industry in Egypt and his salons have celebrated 40 years of success. So it’s safe to say that his team of hair experts can be relied upon to transform your tresses. What to love most is getting the Olaplex hair conditioning treatment which helps repair broken hair or for a longer lasting hair-smoothing effect ask to get the hair Caviar treatment with Walid.

Al Sagheer Spa & Beauty Salon, 16 Salah El-Din Street, Zamalek, 02 2736 3501

For a massage…

For those days when your muscles are stiff with stress, treat yourself to a deep tissue massage at Cleoz Spa with Jojo. It’s incredible!

Cleo Spa, 1 Street 210, Digla, Maadi, 0114 715 1504

For your body…

A Moroccan hideaway in the heart of Cairo, ask for therapist Hayat who invites you to this dimly-lit, warm hammam chamber to help rejuvenate before you de-juvenate in Cairo. Al Sagheer offers a classic ‘hammam bathing ritual experience’ (expect a deep exfoliating scrub).

Al Sagheer Spa & Beauty Salon, 16 Salah El-Din Street, Zamalek, 02 2736 3501

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