February Favourites

We’ve been busy discovering our favourites this February and we love them so much we had to share them with you . When we really like a product, you can trust that our opinion has come from vetting it against everything we’ve seen before. It’s a big beauty playground out there and we’ll gladly do the dirty work to test everything under the sun. These products are Source Beauty’s top picks that will take you smoothly through February. 


Local Products

Haven, Magic in a Jar, Manuka Honey Mask

The honey works in utilising the antioxidants and natural moisturising properties to leave the skin smooth, youthful and protected. Using the mask once a week as part of your skincare routine helps create a moisture barrier for your skin to regenerate and heal its own acne scars, guards against free radicals and boosts skin health during harsh cold weather. 

Kawket, Salicylic Olive Oil Soap

They say that your hands show the true signs of age, so why not keep them young and plump just like your face. This soap helps by not over-drying your hands, as well as face and body. Working to ensure moisture and hydration for your skin. An ideal multitasker unclogging pores, reducing blackheads and acne as well which makes this the perfect soap for oily, combination skin. 

Leda, The Cellulite Lotion & Scrub

Cellulite has become an all year round matter of constant work, so rather than having multiple products to target one problem area, we found that this two in one works best to target those unwanted dimples and wrinkles. Reveal softer, smoother skin with this lotion and scrub in one just in time for spring. 

Bodybloom, Tea Tree Facial Wash

Keeping acne and scars away is not a chore when you have a cleanser like this. Suitable for day and night this lightweight cleanser targets acne without over-drying which is rare, with a little shake the all-natural ingredients get activated to gently cleanse your skin, suitable for face and body for those with oily skin. 


International  Products

Summer Fridays, R + R Mask 

An all clean product to exfoliate your skin gently up to three times a week, using finely ground rose petal powder to polish the skin. This exfoliating mask is great for as an antioxidant packed mask for all skin types thanks to vitamin c for brightening dark skin spots and supporting collagen production in the skin. You’re left with a plump and refreshed complexion. 

Dizziak, Deep conditioner 

The ultimate shine and hydration maker, Dizziak’s Deep ConditIoner leaves hair looking and feeling incredible, while a beautIfully subtle fragrance lingers all day. It regulates oil production while being a lifesaver for curly hair, thanks to its all-natural organic ingredients, giving you a salon treatment at home. 

Eve Lom, Cleansing Oil Capsules 

This quantity control cleansing oil with a signature blend of botanical oils – Eucalyptus, Clove, Egyptian Chamomile, and Hops helps to dissolve impurities and makeup along with dirt buildup from the day. A perfect travel product to ensure you take care of your skin on the go. 

Laura Mercier, Pure Canvas Power Primer Supercharged Essence 

If you have not yet added primers to your makeup routine, then now is the time to start. This supercharged makeup primer creates a flawless canvas for extended makeup wear along with 

next-level priming with a visibly smoothing and ultra-soothing complex. The formula melts onto skin while Marimo Pearl reflects light to enhance the appearance of skin for a picture-perfect look from every angle. Rejuvenating Beauty-Boosting peptides help deliver smoother, firmer younger-looking skin.



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