Hair Masks For Your Hair Type

Finding the best mask for your hair type can sometimes be a hit or miss. You either end up with silky smooth hair goals or desert dry strands that make you want to undo the damage, make sure you are masking for your hair type. We narrowed down the trial for you,  the key is to find what works for you the most and don’t let go

Curly Hair

Define your curls with this ultra moisturising hair mask, you can use it to define your curls as leave-in hair cream, by keeping your hair in braids while the cream works its magic overnight. Or if you’re in a hurry treat your hair once or twice a week with a deeply nourishing shea buttercream. We recommend the Bless, Leave-in Cream with Shea Butter.

Colour-Treated or Dry Hair 

Does this sound like your hair? Look no further than restoring dry or colour treated hair with this thick, creamy hair mask. Revive those brittle ends with this paraben, SLS and fragrance-free deep conditioning hair mask. Try one of the Source best sellers Braes, Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

Oily or Fine Hair

If your tresses are a little on the fine side, a small dab of this mask can revive your hair volume without weighing your hair down when used once a week and consistently. Get a natural mask to keep oil or grease away. Marrow contains fatty acids and multivitamins that nourish and stimulate the hair, promoting hair growth. Source loves Go Natural, Bone Marrow Hair Mask.

Damaged Hair and Split Ends

Seek a damage repair hair mask once you feel like your hair has been through a lot, the only way to go is natural; chemicals in your mask will only look like it’s working for your hair for a day then the damage reveals itself in an ugly way. The best way to deal with damaged hair is to help regrow it and in the meantime use the Leda, Deep Repair Hair Mask thanks to the essential oils, it will invigorate and nourish your scalp for new healthy hair. 

Grey Hair

Dying hair with chemicals might not be something you want on or in your body, and we agree that there is always a natural alternative if you would like to disguise those greys easily and swiftly in a fun DIY home salon-style to keep yourself in control and have all the fun, then try the all-natural Sidr Tree Powder Face & Hair Mask not only will it nourish your hair, cover greys and promote stronger hair, but it makes a great cleanser for the face too. 

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