March Favourites

We’ve been busy discovering our favourites this March and we love them so much we had to share them with you. When we really like a product, you can trust that our opinion has come from vetting it against everything we’ve seen before. These products are Source Beauty’s top picks that will take you smoothly through March. 

Local Products

Saskia, No Crack Emollient Butter

The weather has worked up a change in our skin and we are all feeling the lack of moisture and humidity we are used to in summer that keeps our skin hydrated. Well if you don’t own a humidifier in your home, then this body butter is the next best thing, placed on the cracks of your heels to heal and reveal baby soft skin.  

Eden Greens, Glam Shine Lip Balm

Pillow like lips are not far fetched when you got this all-natural lip balm in your purse. Naturally scented with fruit and berry oils, this will deeply moisturise and keep your lips fruitfully scented to carry on your day worry-free of unwanted chapped lips. 

Indigo, Black Raspberry and Vanilla Soap 

Never before have we loved a soap more than this one, it keeps hands in silky softness as you wash away unwanted germs all day, the last thing you want is an over-drying soap that will age your hands faster than a time machine. The yummy scent makes you want to eat it for dessert, it can be used anywhere on the body, hands or face. Just place one in all the bathrooms in your home to show off this artisanally crafted homemade natural soap. 

Ashry Natural, Collagen Cream

Nightly skin routines all over the country have gotten an upgrade thanks to this concentrated collagen cream from Aswan.t has a balmy texture that helps the skin absorb it throughout the night revealing plump and glowing skin in the morning. When you think of preserving your youth you think of adding this hero ingredient to your skincare collection, what better way to do so than a night cream your face and hands will thank you for. 

International  Products

Laneige, Water Hydro Essence 

Pump up the water with this serum, used to boost hydration day or night. Moisture levels seep back into your skin giving you a beautiful even-toned complexion. You drink water everyday to quench your thirst, why not do the same for your skin using this hydro essence boost.  

Goop Glow, Micrdoderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

The ultimate shine and glow maker, this exfoliator promises to sweep away dry, dead skin cells and refine the appearance of pores for softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. And it is a clean product to feel good about.

Kerastase, Genesis Strengthening Blow Dry Primer

A lightweight, heat-protecting blow-dry primer for weakened hair that helps reduce hair fall due to breakage from brushing. A must to take with you before your salon appointment and think of it as your safeguard keeping you guilt-free from using heat. 

Glossier, Balm Dotcom

Not only is the packaging adorable, but the balm itself is so moisturising. Our favourites are the rose, coconut and berry balm dot come. They all have a deliciously subtle smell! This stuff takes our lips from dry and cracked to pink and plumped. Nothing works as good as this! 

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