Nano Technology Review

Always on the search for the newest hair treatments, we at Source Beauty ventured out to Mohamed El Sagheer Salon in Zamalek to find the insta-famous Sameh El Kholy.  Nano Technology hair treatments have blasted all over social media, the signature blue light and vaporized water coat your hair to help the treatment work better. This nano steamed gun is the 2019 upgrade in hair steamers. It’s great to take your hair masking to the next level.

How it Works-

First, apply treatment, we used Olaplex number 3 to repair and strengthen, but you can use the right mask for your hair, that your hairdresser recommended after evaluation. After coating the hair with the cream, Sameh starts the steam gun which is engineered with nano technology to penetrate the strands of hair to enhance the treatments effects. The treatment lasts 15-20 mins which is a nice quick treatment to garner hair strength. Lastly he washes off the mask to reveal silky smooth hair to the touch.   


Nano technology steaming has allowed our hair to retain moisture, increase softness and stimulate growth, It’s a must for thirsty hair. When your hair is relaxed and/or colour treated, steaming is one of the best things you can do to help it grow healthy and strong. Moisturising your hair with this tool gives a boost of shine and conditioning using cool or heated steam. It is beneficial as the steam aids in hydrating dry hair leaving your parched tresses happy. And also encourages blood flow to circulate, promoting hair growth too. It’s a must to continue treatment once a week to get full results. 


Highly recommended for those wanting to take extra care of their hair. This treatment boosts the benefits of your mask and is great for naturally curly hair too that just needs an extra moisture surge, but don’t over do it. One time a week or one time every two weeks depending on your hair will show the results, this along with a consistent hair care routine will take your hair to next level softness and shine. 

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