New Brands On Board Part 1

We’ve got the highest record of new releases this winter on the site due to the ever-growing Egyptian beauty industry. We get to search the nation, thoroughly test and finally add the perfect products so you don’t have to. With an even wider selection, to ensure there is something here for everyone. 



Gorgeous, glossy locks can make life so much better, so treat yourself to a root-boosting shampoo, frizz-fighting conditioner, or tress-taming leave-in conditioner. What makes it special? They have formulated a shampoo specifically for those with colour treated or keratin-treated hair which makes it a gentle yet effective sulphate free hair wash.


Just what our winter skin ordered, essential oils or body butters to keep our largest organ -skin functioning optimally and avoiding that dreadful winter dryness that comes with being unprepared. Their sizes make it perfect to take on the go and keep your skin protected, moisturised and nourished. 


If your like us you love a new candle addition to your home in winter. We can’t get enough of these sleek and simple mood-enhancers. Not only do they make perfect gifts as a lovely ‘thank you’ or house-warming gift, but these scented candles are literally heaven scent for every mood. If you opt for a cosy-christmas mood in “Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla” scent or the ever so yummy “Frosted Berries” warning- you would want to opt for the larger sizes, and you would want to stay home all winter. 


All Noon products are energised with Prana. If you ever wondered what Prana Energy means it has many levels of meaning, from the physical breath to the energy of consciousness itself. It is the universal energy which flows within and around the physical body. It is the master form of all energy working at every level of our being. Noon products are made with positive affirmations during a full moon. You will feel that your soul and  body nourished through the love, intention and energy which are put into each all-natural batch. The ultimate goal of Noon is too induce peace of mind and relaxation in every way, and it does just that. From the effective anti-ageing and scar correcting hand oil treatment to the stress relief oil that will give you a deep meditation and quickly inducing sleep, we find that using noon products at night is the best way to enhance your wellbeing internally and externally.

Go Natural 

Go Natural is committed to producing the ultimate hydrating deep cleansing conditioners, hair masks, and skincare products. Each key ingredient has multiple benefits and promotes optimal hair and skin well-being. The Carribean coconut perfume is a delicious day-time scent which naturally enhances your feminine allure delicately for an effortless addition to your morning routine.  


Giving us jungle vibes, the packaging of this all natural wonder of a brand is so fun and has so many on trend items like glycerin soap to achieve the bushy brow look, to all natural henna to keep your hair colour fresh at home, naturally making your grey hairs dark red or black hair shiny and healthier.  The deo splash scents all have long lasting effect and there is a favourite scent for everyone.

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