Nicky Lazou Hair Review

Proclaimed the ‘hair magician,’ celebrity hair colourist Nicky Lazou’s instagram is a hair colour dream world that sets the stage for all your hair wishes to come true. With the signature tousled curl finish, what we view in this ‘colour catalogue’ on her instagram page seems different than all the rest of the colorist pages we come across. Before your jump back to your Instagram to view her page, let’s first read more about the lessons we’ve honestly learnt from the hair colour appointment with Nicky Lazou. 

Damage Control

London based hair colourist Nicky, captivated an arab clientele from her traveling appointments to Kuwait, Qatar, and Dubai when we booked an appointment with her prior to our London trip, we sent her an image of our hair to ensure it was not too damaged to colour, and that her magical skills can transform our tired tresses back to mystical bouncy life like all her other posts. In the Nicky hot seat our hair was promised to never go back to brass, which 4 months later proves to be true. However the caramel tones we went in for ended up transforming to a dusty black with hints of grey and green. We were then promised that with washing, and time the colour will lighten, which it did but not light enough as the darkness would not lift colour to the desired outcome. We told her of the occurrence and she insisted that we fly back to London, to get the work fixed. However that was not in the near future travel plans. Conclusion, girls without prior colour treatments done have a better chance, and we don’t recommend colouring damaged hair abroad especially if you need retouches or multiple colour sessions to get your desired look over time (to avoid more damage.) 

A Picture Is Worth $$$$ 

Okay, we exaggerate here, but it is worth the lesson- the more expensive treatment the colourist charges per appointment is not correlated to the outcome of getting the hair worth the big bucks. Colourists post only their best work on Instagram to showcase what they can achieve in one or multiple appointments. You never know the work that went into behind that post (not saying it’s editing but that colouring virgin hair gets better results and you don’t know how much of the image is real hair, or shiny new extensions). Conclusion, never judge a colourist by their instagram and don’t assume that expensive equals better. 

Do Your Hair With The One Who Knows You

Egyptian hair tones are usually on the warmer side of the spectrum, meaning that when lifting the colour and placing cool tones, your hair subject to sun and rough water exposure won’t turn the regular (dreaded) brassy orange. Which is what Nicky did for our hair, however she did not account to the history of our colour journey which is why the ends were green. Conclusion, go to the colourist that knows your hair journey, where it’s been and where you want to take it to finally achieve the colour look of your dreams. 

The Colour Journey Is Long But Rewarding 

What most of us beauty obsessed thrill seekers and colour overachievers forget is, with your hair, spontaneity is not widely awarded. One must be patient in the colour game and trial and errors will arise until you meet your almost perfect match in your local colourist. Nicky’s very kind co-colourist Lee, a celebrity colourist as well told us that arab hair does not react the same as European hair and that it does not lift as well as they aim for and that it’s a process of several bookings to finally achieve the colour that the client wants. Conclusion, if you want to go from brass to class overnight, then begin doing your hair masks and getting your hair in tip top shape before you book an appointment with Nicky Lazou. Who is on their hair colour journey with us? Leave a comment if you can relate. 


Image Credit: Pinterest

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