November Favourites

These products are Source Beauty’s top picks that will take you smoothly to the transition from summer to  winter routines in November. Just like the weather changes so should your beauty regimen. So get ready to pack on the winter must-haves to start the switch. We hope you review along with us, let us know below what you think of our best of November list. 


Haven, Milk and Honey Body Butter 

This has to be the best breakthrough product of the month, it has a deliciously addictive scent that lasts on the skin for hours. It is highly protecting to skin exposed to weather changes, like air conditioning, cold wind, and pollution. The travel-sized  jar is great to take with you on the go, or leave bedside for a nightly deep moisturising treatment for the whole body. Your skin will love you for it.   

Essentials, Sensational Patchouli Coconut Body Lotion

It may be winter now, but this lotion gives us a tropical getaway to treat that our heart desires. Transporting us to the island life basking in the sun, with its beachy scent it’s no wonder this is our top lotion this month. It’s nourishing and achieves the subtle skin winter skin needs greatly in the colder season.   

Noon, Hand Treatment Oil

A hand oil we never knew we needed, this seductively scented oil has turned back time on the back of our hands. Suffering from oven burns that left unsightly scars, this treatment used daily for a week has blurred and healed the scars wonderfully. It is a great anti-ageing  formula as well to keep our hands soft and protected all day.

Caroline Beauty, Plump Lip Duo  

A soft lipstick that goes on smoothly to give your lips an enhanced plump. Starting with the corners using the darker shade and filling in the middle of your lips with the lighter shade. This duo has a perfect nude mix for long lasting colour that won’t dry your lips and help you achieve the filled in natural enhancement for day or night. 


Virtue, Restorative Treatment Mask

A restorative treatment that helps nourish the hair and de-frizz for a longer shiner texture. Due to the Keratin properties, it has an immediate deeply intense hydrating and conditioning boost for silky soft hair that’s immediately reinvigorated with health and nourishment. Color-safe, paraben-free, gluten-free.

Kerastase, Ciment Thermique

Guilty of never using a heat protector before? Us too! However, using one as strong as this product has changed the blow-dry  game for us. Hair is left shinier than before, and with an added heat protection, we have no guilt adding heat to our hair routine anymore.

Beauty Bakerie, Setting Powder

With a selection of shades to choose from, it is no wonder why this product made our top list for the month. It has a packaging that makes us feel like we really are going to be baking when applying makeup, this loose powder gives it staying powder. 

Dyson, Supersonic Hair Dryer

With the holidays creeping up, it’s the perfect gift to give to your beauty-obsessed  friend or if that sounds more like you, then to yourself! This fast dryer gives beautifully bouncy hair perfectly salon level finished right at home. It’s engineered for all hair types and helps control frizz without dreaded hair damage.  


  Image Credit: Pinterest

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