Source Beauty Awards 2019

The first Source Beauty awards is an annual celebration of creativity and innovative products. Celebrating the years most revolutionary products and brands within the Egyptian beauty industry. The Source Beauty awards took place online on our social media platforms with various beauty categories, giving our followers the chance to vote for the winners.

Brand of The Year

  • Braes 
  • Haven
  • Essentials
  • Kolagra

Winner: Braes


Best Vegan Brand

  • Natural Bites
  • Baked
  • Imtenan

Winner: Imtenan 


Best Makeup Brand

  • Essentials
  • Caroline Beauty
  • Runway

Winner: Essentials


Best Natural Brand

  • Haven
  • Bodybloom
  • Effi

Winner: Haven


Best Hair Brand

  • Braes
  • Effi 
  • Sesame Spa

Winner: Braes 


Best Body Lotion

  • Essentials, Ylang Ylang Lotion
  • Gourmet, Amber Caress Lotion
  • Saskia, Black Tea Lotion

Winner: Saskia, Black Tea Lotion 


Best Glam Product

  • Essentials, Rose Gold Eye Tint
  • Caroline Beauty, Hawaiian Copper
  • Urban Ducks, Asmaas Shimmery Body Oil

Winner: Essentials, Rose Gold Eye Tint


Best Acne Fixer

  • Imtenan, Jojoba Oil
  • Bodybloom, Tea Tree Toner
  • Bubblzz, Tea Tree Cleanser

Winner: Imtenan, Jojoba Oil


Best For Hair Growth

  • Haven, Rosemary Hair Oil
  • Areej, Nourish Hair Therapy
  • Raw African, Follicle Booster

Winner: Haven, Rosemary Hair Oil 


Best Damaged Hair Fixer

  • Sesame Spa, Damaged Hair Oil 
  • Braes, Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
  • Dosha, Shea Butter Hair Mask

Winner: Braes, Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


Best Shower Gel

  • Gourmet, Dark Pomegranate Shower Gel
  •  Soul and More, Musk Shower Gel
  • Saskia, Vanilla Shower Gel

Winner: Soul and More, Musk Shower Gel 


Best For Curl Enhancer 

  • Sesame Spa, Curly Hair Oil
  • Just Pure, Hold Shine Twist Curl Gel
  • Effi, Flaxseed Musk Gel 

Winner: Just Pure, Hold Shine Twist Curl Gel 


Best Lip and Cheek Stain 

  • Osvaldo’s, No Makeup Glow 
  • Source Beauty By Caroline Beauty, Mohendaseen
  • Donna Natural, Scarlet 

Winner: Osvaldos, No Makeup Glow


Best Shower Upgrade 

  • Alb Filter, Silver Shower Filter 
  • Saskia, Bath Milk
  • Areej, Sea Salts 

Winner: Alb Filter, Silver Shower Filter 


Best Foot Fixer

  • Joviality, Peppermint Foot Balm
  • Essentials, Multi-purpose Balm
  • Soul and More Pedicures Best Friend 

Winner: Joviality, Peppermint Foot Balm


Best Daytime Moisturiser 

  • Haven, Rose Moisturising Gel 
  • Essentials, Moisturising Vitamin E Cream 
  • Saskia, Face Cream in French Rose

Winner: Essentials, Moisturising Vitamin E Cream


Best Sunscreen

  • Kolagra, SPF 50
  • Essentials, Sunblock

Winner: Kolagra, SPF 50 


Best Feel Good Mask

  • Imtenan, Dead Sea Mask
  • Saskia, Rose Clay Mask
  • Urban Ducks, Asmaas Shimmery Powder Mask

Winner: Imtenan, Dead Sea Mask


Best Body Scrub 

  • Smack That Scrub, Cinnamon 
  • Haven, Coffee Scrub 
  • Earth Owls, Milk and Honey Scrub

Winner: Smack That Scrub, Cinnamon 


Best Night Fix

  • Donna Natural, Revive Oil
  • Kolagra, Vitamin C Skin Serum 
  • Raw African, Night Cream

Winner: Kolagra, Vitamin C Skin Serum


Best Candle 

  • Areej, Cinnamon 
  • Roshan, So Vanilla
  • Candle Connection, Superstar 

Winner: Candle Connection, Superstar


Best Self Tanner

  • Donna Natural, Shimmer Oil
  • Haven, Shimmery Tanning Oil
  • Essentials, Body Shine Diva 

Winner: Haven, Shimmery Tanning Oil 

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