Source Beauty Emergency Kits

There’s no doubt that we’ve all had a beauty emergency at some point in our life. Whether it’s an unwelcome pimple on the night of a party or a hair emergency, we all know that these can all be extremely stressful and irritating. That’s why preparation is always key. Having an emergency kit is essential for girls on the go, it’s always important to make sure you have the right products on hand in case anything ever happens. Every kit will be different based on your personal lifestyle and needs. Check out our favourite Source Beauty emergency kits below. 

Pimples Go Away Kit

Fight against unwanted pimples with this versatile kit. With a range of products that are formulated with tea tree oil, this kit is perfect for combatting acne and cleansing your skin, ensuring you will be able to maintain a clear complexion.

No Makeup-Makeup Kit

This kit is perfect for if you’re going from work straight to dinner or outing. Ideal for the low maintenance on the go girls, this kit will help you quickly achieve  glowing skin for when you don’t have enough time to do a full face of makeup. 

Care for your Hair Kit 

If you have difficulties with maintaining the appearance and strength of your hair, this kit will have you covered. With everything from anon the go fix up to nourishing oils and masks, this kit will definitely restore strength and shine to lacklustre hair. 

Birthday Beauty Box

If you’re struggling to find your beauty guru friend a birthday gift, this easy to buy kit will come to your rescue. This kit has everything from creams, nail polish, and scrubs. Ideal for avoiding that last-minute struggle in finding the perfect gift. 

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