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I’m sure everyone has tried a face mask at least once in their life and for some reason you never see or feel any difference. Using a face mask may seem like a relatively simple process, and it is. But the question is are you applying it at the right time and the correct way? Firstly, lets start with what you need to do before you apply a face mask. You need to develop a routine that suits your lifestyle, and always try to aim to mask at least twice a week.

1. Cleanse Your Face:

If you skip this step you wont get the results you are after. So it is important that you wash your face first to unclog your pores. You can use your normal face wash if you like or a face scrub which really cleans your face, opens your pores and gets rid of all the dead skin cells that your skin has accumulated and it helps the ingredients that are in the mask to absorb into your skin more effectively.

2. Use Steam:

You need to steam your face to open up your pores or you can just take a hot shower so that your pores will have a better chance of unclogging.

3. Apply a Mask:

Now which type of mask do you apply? Each type of mask has a benefit and its important to use the right one.

Deep Cleansing Masks

These masks are incredible if you are looking for a super deep clean and want to get rid of all the dirt in your pores and avoid blackheads. These masks are usually mineral-rich masks that contain charcoal, they always a dark grey colour type of mask. It is also best to be done at night – maybe even as part of your evening skin care routine that I talked you through last-time. I recommend avoiding these mask several days before a big event as it will probably bring out a new zit! But not to worry it is mostly likely to be a superficial zit. Meaning that the mask as worked and has brought up all the excess dirt or oil to the top of your skin. So that zit will be gone in no time.

* You can try:

Go Natural, Detox Clay Mask
Hers, Charcoal Mask
Imtenan, Dead Sea Mud

Brightening Masks

Definitely the best masks! With this though you will only get temporary results and with this one you can apply it right before an event or applying makeup. As the results are immediate, they only last for a little while therefore I do not recommend doing this the night before. Brightening masks smooth out fine lines, and firm up the skin, and give you that glowing appearance! Perfect for all skin types! Sheet masks also fall under this category.

* You can try:

Urban Ducks, Shimmery Powder Face Mask
Gizmo, Honey Mask

Hydrating Masks

These masks are wonderful if you are looking to plump the skin and to hydrate it – not moisturise it (these are two different things). These are great to use when you’re travelling, if you’ve been out partying till very late or if you are a mum with a new-born baby. Moreover, they are great for any skin type and you can use these as often as you like. A hydrating mask is great to reverse that tired, sleepy, and overly exhausted look you’ve got on your face.

* You can try:

Gizmo, Chocolate Mask
Saskia, Face Scrub with Lavender

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