These Overnight Hair Masks Are Your Solution to Dryness and Breakage

We’ve all probably given our hair a little extra TLC, but too much heat styling, colouring and over-processing will deplete your hair of any natural shine and moisture. Usually, hair masks that are left on for 10-20 minutes don’t tend to tackle your hair concerns. If you really want to reverse hair damage, you definitely need to use an overnight hair mask. 

Think of an overnight hair mask as your routine hair mask, but slightly upgraded to give your hair what it really needs as you snooze. These formulas are meant to be worn for hours on end, all the while delivering the nutrients your hair needs to combat damage, excess frizz, dryness, split ends, and more. Ready to elevate your evening haircare routine? Keep scrolling for our picks of the best overnight hair masks.

Eden Greens, Wonder Hair Oil

This is slowly becoming a cult product amongst Egyptian women. If your hair has been ruined by over styling and over colouring, this is for you. This hair mask is a pre-shampoo treatment, which will leave your hair stronger, and bouncier. We recommend using it once or twice a week, to see shinier and more elastic hair. 

Areej Aromatherapy, Nourish Hair Therapy 

The hair hero ingredient responsible for rescuing brittle hair in this hair therapy is rosemary oil.  It’s one of nature’s most powerful hydrators. If your locks suffer from feeling rough, we found this delivers some serious softness after just one use. It saturates the hair with intense moisture but doesn’t leave finer hair limp. And the gorgeous floral scent which comprises of organic lavender, and peppermint oil which has the ability to soother your scalp (and your mind). 

Dosha, Shea Butter Hair Mask 

This mask is a real game-changer if you’re trying to grow your hair or struggling to keep the ends of your hair in great condition. It’s a pre-wash treatment and should be left on dry hair for 45 minutes. Then rinse really well once and follow with a shampoo and then conditioner to seal and protect the cuticle. If time is not on your side, you can leave it on overnight, or apply before you leave home when you know you’re going to be washing your hair (gym class, swimming, salon blow-dry etc). Or even on holiday, apply in the morning for protection and then shampoo and condition after swimming.

Le Miel, Hair Mask

If you struggle to find a mask that doesn’t weigh down your hair, or alternatively has enough oomph to really inject some moisture into coarser hair, then this hair mask is worth a look. Incredibly concentrated, you don’t need very much product at all to get good results so the pot lasts ages. Hair looks shinier and glossier after a few weeks’ of use.

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