Top 5 Nail Polish Colours for Winter

Sweater weather is almost upon us, and there’s no accessory better than a fresh mani peeking out from the sleeves of your chunky knit sweater. The wintertime  is a great opportunity for you to go bold and festive with your colour choices. A little known secret is that it’s better to wear a long-lasting nail polish during the colder months to prevent peeling and cracking. With that being said, make a statement and go all out with your colours this winter. Here are 5 of our favourite colours for winter. 

Runway, Chandelier 

The holiday season is a great time to go metallic. Bright shiny colours are the perfect way to spice up a look. This sultry gold metallic polish will put anyone in a festive mood and is an ideal colour for dressing up a party outfit. 

Runway, Red Currant

As we all start to dress in darker colours during the colder months , having a bold pop of colour is a great way to liven up your look. This unique red shade is not only reflective of the holiday season, but it’s also a warm tone that will add a dramatic element to your overall mood and outfit. 

Runway, Up in the Clouds

Although not always the obvious choice for winter, opting for frosty blues or grey’s is a great route to take with your nail polish choices. This shade is a misty grey, that will without a doubt go with everything. If you’re looking for something a little closer to blue the CND, Creekside shade is a perfect wintry colour. 

Runway, Make Me Blush

Neutrals should always be a staple no matter what time of year. However, during winter opting for a darker nude shade will better compliment the season. This taupe has beige undertones that will compliment every outfit. 

Runway, Wicked Ways

Everyone tends to go darker during the colder months , so darker reds and purples will definitely make an appearance. The good thing is that they’re all on-trend. Applying this vampy dark purple is a perfect shade, and will add moodiness and depth to anything you wear. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

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