Top 5 Products To Restore Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is something that happens to the best of us. It can happen as a result of weather change, exposure to chemical processes, heated styling tools, and even the sun. Despite this, having damaged hair doesn’t have to be an eternal state of being. There are a number of ways to restore your hair, here are our favourite products that will transform your hair into silk. 

Braes, Il n’y a pas le feu, There’s No Hurry – Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

This mask is the perfect product if you feel your hair is very dehydrated and dry. Infused with shea butter, argan oil, and jojoba oil just to name a few, the blend of oils will penetrate dry scalps and strands allowing maximum conditioning. Using this all-natural product will leave your hair extremely soft after just 20 minutes. 

Sesame Spa, Damage Repair Natural Oil Mix

Nut oils are some of the most restorative oils and are perfect for dry and damaged hair. This one from Sesame Spa is so easy to use, and when used once a week, you’ll notice a significant difference in the condition of your hair. 

Olaplex, No. 3 Hair Perfector 

An absolute cult favourite, and there’s no arguing why. The Hair Perfector is ideal for hair that has been damaged from chemical processes, such as bleaching or permanent straightening treatments. The product is specifically focused on reviving hair that has been aggravated by chemical processes. It is laced with protein, so it actually uses what your hair is made to restore it to its best condition. Using it once a week in the shower is more than enough. 

Lush, Rehab Shampoo 

If you’re someone who is a little more low maintenance or don’t have enough time for a hair mask, substitute your usual shampoo with this one from Lush. Made with a blend of fresh fruit juices and natural oils, this Rehab shampoo has all the nutrients that will allow your hair to grow out strong and refreshed. 

Philip Kingsley, Elasticizer 

This is a classic product, proven to restore elasticity and strength to hair. Originally created for Audrey Hepburn, to help her maintain healthy and hydrated hair through her frequent colouring and styling sessions. This conditioning pre-shampoo treatment leaves your hair feeling noticeably stronger, nourished, and softer. Apply to wet hair for 10-20 minutes, rinse, and then follow with your chosen shampoo and conditioner. 

*Hair Restoration Pro Tips*

Aside from all the great hair products and masks, there are a number of changes you can make to the tools you use. These slight changes can also promote and improve hair strength and condition. 

Silk Pillow Cases: Swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. Silk is a much more gentle fabric than cotton, and when you sleep on a silk pillowcase your hair is far less prone to damage and breakage. You’ll also probably wake up with hair that isn’t tangled, knotted, or even frizzy, making it much easier to style in the morning. 

Change Your Towel: Your hair is typically more fragile than your body and using the same towel for your body and hair, can probably result in damaged hair. Switching to a microfibre towel will not only dry your hair more efficiently but will also be a lot more gentle. 

Water Damage: The water that runs through our pipes isn’t the purest water. If you have naturally sensitive hair, this can prove to actually damage your hair slightly. A great solution is to install a water filter in your shower. The Alb Shower Filters are a great option for this. There’s a range of under shower and sink filters that will minimise the chlorine, heavy metals and other pollutants allowing the water to feel much softer.

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